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I’ve been into photography since the age of 14. I’m not saying how many years ago that was, but I did develop my own black and white film in my bedroom/darkroom. While I was never a professional, I have had my pictures in the local paper, and worked on the college newspaper and yearbook. When I took up diving, underwater photos were an obvious step. A few years ago, I went digital, and have lamented my stacks of negatives collecting dust.

Well, a friend was interested in selling his Film Scanner, so I finally have access to some of my better shots. I must admit, the process is not fast. First load, check for dust and scratches (I loath both now). Next name and organize the output. Finally clean up and resize for publication. The final results are worth it, as I have not broken out the photo albums for years, and now I can share them with others. Over the winter months, I’ll try to post up some of my favorites. Enjoy.

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