Cubian Brunch

Some good friends invited us to a brunch at a local Cuban restaurant in the area.   When we parked, we walked past an open air street and deck that brought to mind many a Caribbean bistros.

Between Val and myself, we had one of the best brunches we’ve ever experienced.   The food was out of the world.   It was very simple yet bright with fresh ingredients, and fantastic combinations.   It’s hard to describe how such simple flavors can be so “out of this world”.   We’ve been to all kinds of fancy/expensive restaurants, but this was so simple, and soooooo good.    Just so fresh!   It was exceptional.

On top of all this, the servers dealt with a bunch of SCUBA divers (not a small feat).  They were also exceptional in their work.   A fantastic experience!

Afterward, we headed out to have an afternoon at the pool.   On the way to the pool, many had made various sidetracks that will remain unmentioned….

Somewhere along the lines, at the pool, we ended up playing some card games that ended up with interesting clothing configurations.   Let’s just leave it at that.

All in all, a great day with great food and hospitality shared with some great friends and dive buddies.

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