The Butterfly Forest

Butterfly Forest

Butterfly Forest

Okay, it’s not diving related, but while Val and I were in Florida, we had some time to kill.  Dali recommended the butterfly forest exhibit at the Florida University, Museum of Natural History. Given that Val has planted a butterfly friendly garden in our backyard, she was definitely interested.  As a nature lover, I was happy to join her.  After consulting the GPS, we jumped in the car and headed down.

When we entered the Museum, we discovered that there were several other exhibits.  The butterfly forest was only one of them.  On entry to the butterfly exhibit, the walls are covered floor to ceiling with display cases.  It quickly reminds you of the diversity of this order.

The forest itself was screened in, so the cool weather limited the activity.  Butterflies are most active when the weather is warm.  As the sun warmed the rocks and structure of the building, they became more active.   We walked around the exhibit taking pictures and reading the signs.  Several time a day one of the researchers at the museum come out and releases some of the newly hatched butterflies into the exhibit.  During this period they talked about the different species and the research going on there.

On the way out we stopped by the incubation area, where there were rows of chrysalis were hanging prior to hatching.  Here and there a newly hatched adult could be seen spreading their wings for the first time.

We spent a few hours touring the rest of the museum, learning about stages of Florida’s wildlife development over the past few million years.

If you get a chance, stop by, it’s great fun. Thanks, Dali for the recommendation.

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