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CDT Fourcault

A while back, I spent some time on the CDT Fourcault diving shipwrecks of the North Sea. The trip was a blast, and I met some really wonderful divers. There were groups from Belgium, UK, USA, and Italy (actually only one diver from Italy). All were fine divers, and many great sea stories were told over the dinner table.

Since that time some of us have kept in touch, and exchanged photos and videos of the trip, and other dive events. The latest was a promotional video made for the vessel CDT Fourcault. There are clips from our trip, and even a shots of me.

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  1. Tennie Langseth says:

    I’m not in a position to view this website correctly on opera I think there is a downside

  2. admin says:

    I’ve tried the site in Opera, but never the videos. I’ll look into it.

  3. Davina Buff says:


  4. Kerri Leitten says:

    Do you folks have a fb fan page? I looked for one on twitter however could not see one, I would like to be a fan!

  5. Dave Oldham says:

    Not yet, but it may be an option. In the interim, try the RSS feed.

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