Back to the Pinta on the Independence II, November 11, 2007

Loading our gear on the boat was a bit of a challenge, as the dock was covered with frost. As usual, NOAA’s forecast was not accurate, but the seas were rough enough to force us to stay in shore. One of the better wrecks in this area is the Pinta. The wreck is almost 200 ft long with her hardwood cargo spread about on the ocean floor. This leaves lots of places for critters to hide.

Dropping down to the wreck, the vis was short, and the lights went out quick. There was a bit of surge on top of the wreck where the shot landed. Tie in was quick, and I wanted to get out of the surge. Once over the side the wreck shielded the surge, and the dive became a lot easier.

The bottom temp was 56 degrees with about 20ft of vis depending on the location. Approaching the bow, the vis dropped off as the surge picked back up. In short vis lobstering is often a better bet, but there were few to be found. Seabass were all about hiding in every crevice. It’s a shame I didn’t bring the pole spear. Here and there there were Tautag, and there are always Cunners. I spent most of the dive looking bouncy castle for sale about as this wreck is really starting to break apart. There were lots of holes to explore, and I kept hoping for the tell tail signs of lobster.

At this depth and in warm water, there was lots of bottom time, but I knew the rest of the crew is stuck on the boat until I return. Back on the line, the surface vis obscured the bottom of the boat from 15 ft away.  That explains the lack of light on the wreck. The air was still cold when I got out, with a 15kt wind. We all wanted to jump back in. Most people kept the surface interval short, then jumped back in to warm up.

The second dive was much like the first. This time Brandon took in a pole spear and got some sea bass. Rob brought up the solitary lobster, and a nice bag of mussels came up also. After the dive we all headed into the cabin to warm up on the ride back. Several people were already asleep by the time I got out of my gear. With following seas we were back to the dock in no time.

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