Rebreather day on the Independence II

Just to be clear, this was not a scheduled event, but just another day of diving on the Independence II. The plan was to head to the Stolt, but the weather did not cooperate. On any day you will probably see a few rebreathers aboard. For example last week, on the Pinta, there were five different rigs. This Sunday there was more variety than usual.

Megs, Ouroboris, Classic Kiss, and Evolution are brought aboard regularly by various members of the crew. On any given day, you’re likely to see some combination of the above.Inflatable Water Slide  Today they all showed up.   Occasionally, an Inspiration is also thrown in. An Optima, Sport Kiss, and Hammer-Meg were aboard courtesy of the passengers.

The variety does not stop there. On the Open-Circuit side, there were double Al 80s, double steel 90s, 100s, 120s and 130s. Finally there was a single steel tank I think was an 80 (boy was that light).

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