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After the storm.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

With a full boat, the Independence II headed out to the Stolt on Saturday. The conditions were rough all week, so Captain Dan wanted a wreck with a lot of relief. Sea conditions were cooperating, and Danny had us tied in to the wreck in short order.

The surface looked clear, but it was the bottom we were concerned about. I was pleasantly surprised to see 20 ft of vis on the wreck top to bottom. The temp was also a constant 55. This was also one of the few times I’ve been on the Stolt where there was no current or surge. We must have arrived at slack tide as the water was completely motionless. At the bottom, I quickly tied off my reel and headed out into the sand in search of ballast. Upon return, I took the standard tour around the bottom of the wreck. Here there were a few small lobsters, a number of large ling cod, seabass and tog. Inflatable Water Slide Under the wreck a few large fish could be seen hiding in the dark. Missing were the hoards of cunners that normally school along the top of the wreck. Perhaps with the still water, they were dispersed about the wreck searching for food rather than waiting at the top for morsels of food to float by.

Dive two went much as the first, and we soon headed back. A great day of diving.