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Trip to the Mohawk on the Independence II, June 5

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Once again, NOAA could not make up their minds, but they were currently calling for bad conditions. Our original plan involved a long run up to the San Diego. Given the current conditions, and the ever changing forecast, we just figured we would try to get out and get wet. To make a long story short, we hit the Mohawk. The surface looked clear, but with the long period rollers, we knew the bottom would be sloppy.

The surge on the bottom had it’s way with the vis which varied from 10 ft to where’d my hand go. Under these conditions I look for lobster, since you don’t need to see very far to grab one. However better lobstermen than I had returned reporting only shorts.Inflatable Water Slide At this point I figured on tying off and heading into the sand to look for fluke. Fluke season opened last weekend. It was worth a try. Perhaps it’s still too cold (44 Deg), or too early in the season, but I didn’t see any at all.

I gave up after while and tried looking for lobster. There were a few reasonable tog hiding under deck plates, and some rather docile seabass laying in the sand. There seemed to be a lot of shiny lead down there, so the fishermen have been there recently. Again perhaps it’s just been too cold, but the fish were not very active.

On the bright side, it was a great day to practice reel skills. At least the surface water had cleared up a bit. The brown coffee from last weekend was replace with some clean 58 degree water.